Jack Wood


Having worked for the past 2 years, on and off, with Jill Bates as a peer in the Real Estate Industry, we hit it off, as every good Jack & Jill Fairy Tale should. When Jill decided to open BEST Real Estate I thought it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, to be on the BEST Team!  

I am excited for a lot of new growth in Sheridan County and the surrounding areas and to be able to work with a lot of good, professional people that do a good honest job, like the agents at BEST do. 

As an agent, I don't look at clients as a dollar sign, it makes me Happy to make You Happy. I strive for honesty and professionalism.

My wife and I moved to Sheridan in 2008, but my family history in Sheridan goes back to 1934. 

I have been in the trucking business, heavy equipment industry since 1977 and most recently, prior to Real Estate, the coal business. 

My true passion has always been Real Estate and since my retirement, I've been able to start my dream career with helping my clients buy or sell their properties. Finding and helping my clients discover their new homes makes me a Happy Man!

Being a Real Estate agent at BEST Real Estate allows me to better serve the community that I love so much. Whether I am helping my clients at BEST Real Estate, being an Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce, or playing Santa Claus, I believe I will put a smile on your face. 

So, if you're looking for the right Realtor, think of me, Jack Wood, and I will do my BEST to make your dream come true too - "Call Jack and get ready to pack!"